Content - Berlac dual cure UV clearcoat system

Berlac® dual cure UV clear coat system - product profile.

Article no.

082.907.--- standard version
082.907.-x0 printable version
082.907.-03 for UV sensitive plastics

Tested in compliance with:

TL 226, DBL 7384


dual cure UV clear coat system

Binder system:

urethane acrylate


PA, PC, PC/ABS, ABS, base coat

  • transparent
  • transparent pigmentable version piano black, compellingly in combination with black substrate

dual cure UV clear coat system 082.907.100/200/300
100:15 with hardener 082.907.080

Level of gloss:
  • high-gloss
  • semi-glossy
  • matt
UV curing:

curing lamp: medium-pressure mercury lamp, not doped

  • UVA: 550-1220 mJ/cm2 / 390-800W/cm2
  • UVB: 560-1300 mJ/cm2 / 400-900W/cm2
  • UVC: 630-1600 mJ/cm2 / 480-1100 W/cm2

measured with UV Power Puck 2 IL 393 from EIT
Special properties:
  • above-average scratch and abrasion resistance
  • excellent resistance to a range of chemicals
  • excellent high gloss look
  • high level of transparency
  • very good flow properties 
  • perfect direct adhesion to plastic surface
  • very flexible drying/curing processes: oven/UV, UV/oven, IR/UV, IR/oven/UV, IR/UV/oven
  • curing ensured even with complex component geometries

Advantages of UV coating over conventional PUR clear coat systems:

  • reduction in processing times as coating system is cured in seconds
  • greater economy thanks to shorter cycle times
  • lower energy consumption for heating and venting components
  • less space required for machinery and lower investment costs
  • reduced emissions thanks to low-VOC formulation
  • superior surface properties 
Standard version
  • VW: approved
  • Daimler: approved
Transparent pigmentable version piano black
  • Daimler: approved
Printable version
  • VW: approved


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