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Fittings fit for the future.

Bathrooms and kitchens have long ceased to be isolated areas devoted solely to their prime purpose. Today, they have become sensuous oases of wellness and elegant living spaces that are an expression of a personal lifestyle.

This has led to growing emphasis being focused on the fittings used in them: as a simple interface between user and water, taps are no longer simply the household objects that receive the most everyday wear and tear, they must now also act as aesthetically pleasing design elements helping to link together the architectural features of their environment to form an attractive and harmonious whole.

In a sector where revolutionary technologies, visionary design, lasting value and sustainability are already part of the accepted standard, the demands placed on surface properties and thus on paint and lacquer manufacturers are correspondingly high. Where your fittings share a perfect symbiosis with their environment, our high-end products are the ideal answer for the materials you elect to use. Because as an experienced and successful supplier of solutions for metal and plastic substrates, we breathe new life into traditional materials and help innovative new substrates to enjoy a long and fruitful existence. With our lacquer innovations, we enable you to put your requirements for technical excellence and harmonious design into effect to perfection – with easy-clean, water-repellent and extremely scratch-resistant coating systems that bear no traces of being touched despite silky-soft effects that cry out to be touched, with economical imitation lacquers for a deceptively genuine metal or galvanised appearance and with precise colour matching for different substrates.

Product Programme.

  • clear lacquers with excellent direct adhesion to metal and galvanic substrates, transparent or dyed

  • clear lacquers for PVD-metallised plastic substrates, transparent or dyed

  • clear lacquers with above-average resistance to abrasion, chemicals and changes in temperature

  • water-repellent, easy-clean and antibacterial clear coat systems

  • soft-touch and anti-slip effects for a sensitive feeling

  • ultrafine metallic and nacreous lacquers for perfect metal imitations and colour-stable galvanic effects as stoving or two-component systems, also dyed or in combination with dyed clear lacquers

  • opaque base coats for economical single coat applications, as one or two-component systems

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