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Berlac® hydro lacquer systems for bikes - environmentally friendly application and persuasive design.

Among the increasingly rigorous demands placed on modern lacquer coatings for industrial processing have been stricter legal requirements in respect of solvent content and environmental impact. Berlac AG has responded to this situation by enhancing its conventional product portfolio with the addition of trendsetting waterborne lacquering systems for demanding applications on steel and aluminium. Formulated with innovative ingredients, the water-based Berlac® Hydro line for bikes fully meets our customers’ requirements for top-quality appearance and resistance. As non-inflammable lacquers, with significantly lower VOC content and very good processability, Berlac® Hydro systems represent an impressive combination of cuttingedge technology, environmental conservation, work safety and economy.

Technological description.

Berlac® Hydro coating solutions for bikes can be used as three-coat system consisting of primer / base coat / clear coat. Both our waterborne clear lacquers, with their extremely high resistance to weathering, as well as our polyester or acrylate powder coatings can be used as topcoats. These premium quality systems are precisely adapted in each individual case to the demands of the application and the customer’s processing requirements. Provided substrates are pre-treated correctly as prescribed and relevant processing and application parameters are adhered to, the systems offer outstanding substrate adhesion and high mechanical, chemical and weathering resistance.

Fields of application.

The waterborne Berlac® Hydro coatings for bikes are ideal for both steel and aluminium cycles. They are efficient and inexpensive stoving lacquers that are available in all conceivable effects and designs. Our specialists will be pleased to recommend appropriate solutions and give advice on how they should best be used.

Product profile.
  • steel
  • aluminium
  • three-coat:  primer / base coat / waterborne or powder-based clear lacquer

1-component stoving systems available as:

  • primers
  • base coats
  • top coats
Level of gloss:

matt through high gloss, with both waterborne clear lacquers and clear powders


As with solvent-based and printing ink systems, an unrestricted range of colours and effects, including ultra-brilliant chrome effects, are possible.

Special properties:          

  • adhesion on steel and aluminium subject to appropriate pre-treatment
  • above-average chemical and mechanical resistance
  • very good resistance to UV and weathering
  • very good flow properties and very good covering and filling power
  • rapid drying with stoving
  • can be finished with all standard decoration processes
Design range:

annual launch of new colour collections

Customer-specific formulations:

specific effects or shades can be produced at the request of customers

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