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The wild ride.

«Lucky the man who, like Odysseus, has experienced an incredible journey»

Like Odysseus on his long adventurous journey, we are also faced with new and difficult tasks every day. One experience follows another. And in constantly confronting the unknown, our behaviour evolves to become more proactive, with foresight that enables us to use creative solutions to fight against our current “demons” of climate change, environmental catastrophes, pandemics, refugee and economic crises. In doing this, it is vital that we take a critical look at our “fellow travellers” to understand them, in order to develop strategies for mutual cooperation and collective progress.


bright, bold, clean, plain, clear and fresh, uni-colours


tough, cool, fine-pored, ceramic


matt or satin-gloss, very subtle effects with little flop


Agenda 2022

Berlac AG exhibiting at Kompozyt-Expo

28 - 29 September 2022 | Int. Trade Fair for Composite Materials, Technologies and Products | Krakow | Poland

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